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End Time Intelligence Report / Profecías en las Noticias

El Plan Papal para Estados Unidos....Lo planificó en Polonia....lo planificó para Estados Unidos....Haga "click" aquí y entérese......

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Agencia espía a los americanos desde el espacio
Spy Agency Watching Americans from Space

WASHINGTON — "A little-known spy agency that analyzes imagery taken from the skies has been 
spending significantly more time watching U.S. soil.

In an era when other intelligence agencies try to hide those operations, the director of the National 
Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper, is proud of that domestic 
mission....Among the government's most closely guarded secrets, the quality of pictures NGA receives 
from classified satellites is believed to far exceed the one-meter resolution available commercially. 
That means they can take a satellite "snapshot" from high above the atmosphere that is crisply 
detailed down to one meter level, which is 3.3 feet." 
Associated Press, May 13, 2006

Presbyterians New Divine "Trinity"

The divine Trinity _ "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" _ could also 
be known as "Mother, Child and Womb" 
or "Rock, Redeemer, Friend" at some Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 
services under an action Monday 
by the church's national assembly.
Delegates to the meeting voted to 
"receive" a policy paper on gender- inclusive language for the Trinity, 
a step short of approving it. That means church officials can 
propose experimental liturgies with alternative phrasings for the 
Trinity, but congregations won't be required to use them....One reason 
is that language limited to the Father and Son "has been used to 
support the idea that God is male
and that men are superior to 
women," the panel said....
Ten conservative Presbyterian groups have 
warned jointly that approval of what they call "local option" would 
"promote schism by permitting the disregard 
of clear standards of Scripture."
Breitbart.com June 19, 2006.

The 7 Kings of the Beast that "Yet Is"

Apoc. 17:9-12

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


Pius XI Pius XII John XXIII Paul VI John Paul I John Paul II

Benedict XVI

John Paul II

Satan impersonates Christ

Satanás personifica a Cristo

1922 - 1939 1939 - 1958 1958 - 1963 1963 - 1978 1978 1978 - 2005 April 19, 2005 ?
Lateran Treaty
       Reigned only 33 days Seriously Wounded
Rules only a short time

Impersonates Christ's 2nd Coming

Five are fallen (cinco son caidos)
Apoc. 17:10

One is

 (uno es)

yet to come

(el otro aun no es venido

"Y la bestia que era, y no es, es también el octavo; y es de los siete..." Apoc. 17:11

"Porque estos son falsos apóstoles, obreros fraudulentos, transfigurándose en apóstoles de Cristo"
 2 cor. 11: 13

Primeros Escritos pág. 90

Goes into perdition

va a perdición

"Y no es maravilla, porque el mismo satanás se transfigura en ángel de luz" 2 Cor. 11:14.

http://www.biblelight.net/satan.htm  (The graphic picture chart above has been slightly
For the original study go to Biblelight.net.

La fiebre aviar es la primera prioridad del gobierno de Estados Unidos después del
terrorismo.   Prepárese.  Se espera que todos los ciudadanos se preparen para una
posible pandemia, la cual podría causar la muerte de millones de pesonas en todo el
mundo, incluyendo Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico:

Nations With Confirmed Cases (Naciones con casos confirmados de la fiebre aviar)
H5N1 Avian Influenza (April 27, 2006)  (a la fecha del 27 de abril, 2006).

Información del gobierno de Estados Unidos-La Casa Blanca

Individuals & Families Planning (Planificación Familiar)

En esta página encontrará:
Guía familiar e información general sobre la pandemia    
El sistema social puede interrumpirse
Ir a a su o trabajar podría ser imposible
Las escuelas pueden cerrarse por un período extenso
Los servicios de transportación se pueden interrumpir

HISTORIC REMARKS: Please read them carefully

REMARKS BY BEN FRANKLIN: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain 
a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."  



"Vatican to Al and Dubya: JFK Was Holier Than Thou
As American presidential candidates increasingly invoke religion, the 
pope has some bad news: Only Rome has a direct line to God
leaders have expressed disappointment and alarm at the contents of a new 
theological declaration, endorsed by Pope John Paul II, which warns against viewing 
other Christian denominations as "sister churches" and warns that their failure to 
accept the primacy of the pope made them "deficient" churches...." 
Time-Sept. 6, 2000.

REMARKS BY PRESIDENT BUSH ABOUT THE POPEBush and bishops.jpg (20119 bytes)

"....The best way to honor Pope John Paul II, truly one of the great men, 
is to take his teaching seriously; is to listen to his words and put his words 
and teachings into action here in America.
This is a challenge we must 
But you know something about our country? With the right focus 
and the right leadership, it's a challenge this nation will accept, ..."
President Bush, March 22, 2001


TIME-December 26, 1994-Man of the Year Pope
John Paul II, pg. 65:
"It is a mistake to apply American democratic procedures to the 
faith and the truth"

pope_us_flag.jpg (25707 bytes)

For English Information click: Prophecy & News

¿Qué discutirá el President Bush y el Papa Juan Pablo II en su tercera visita al Vaticano?

"....Siendo su tercera visita al Vaticano, hay alguna especulación que el presidente podría estar considerando ingresar a la Iglesia Católica.  "Es mi oración que el pueda gozar de la fe completa", dijo el padre Gahl....." US Catholic News. National Catholic Register, May 30-June 5, 2004.

Bush entregará al Papa la «Medalla presidencial de la libertad»

CIUDAD DEL VATICANO, jueves, 3 junio 2004 (ZENIT.org).- "El presidente George W. Bush entregará a Juan Pablo II durante el encuentro que mantendrán este viernes en el Vaticano la «Medalla presidencial de la libertad», según han informado fuentes vaticanas"  Zenit 4 de junio, 2004  ZS04060304
Para mas información sobre la medalla de la libertad: http://www.medaloffreedom.com.

El presidente Bush dijo que la mejor manera de honrar al Papa 
es tomar sus enseñanzas seriamente y ponerlas en acción en América:

"...La mejor forma de honrar a Juan Pablo II, verdaderamente uno
de los grandes hombres,
es tomar sus enseñanzas seriamente; es
escuchar sus palabras y poner sus palabras y enseñanzas en 
acción aquí en América.
Este es un reto que tenemos que aceptar.
¿Pero saben algo acerca de nuestro país?
Con el enfoque y el 
liderazgo adecuado, es un reto que esta nación aceptará..."

The White House-El Presidente Bush, 22 de marzo, 2001.

La Unión Europea NO será una realidad, al final fallará:

Está escrito:
Daniel 2:43 "Cuanto á aquello que viste, el hierro mezclado con tiesto de barro, 
mezclaránse con simiente humana, mas no se pegarán el uno con el otro, como 
el hierro no se mistura con el tiesto.Daniel 2:44 Y en los días de estos reyes, 
levantará el Dios del cielo un reino que nunca jamás se corromperá:
y no será 
dejado á otro pueblo este reino; el cual desmenuzará y consumirá todos estos
reinos, y él permanecerá para siempre"

Remarks by the President Upon Arrival
The South Lawn

[President Bush stated on that day [sunday-Sept. 16] the Lord's Day is the Day of Faith]

"Today, millions of Americans mourned and prayed, and tomorrow we go back to work....
Our nation was horrified, but it's not going to be terrorized. We're a great nation.  We're a 
nation of resolve.  We're a nation that can't be cowed by evil-doers.  I've got great faith in 
the American people. If the American people had seen what I had seen in New York City, 
you'd have great faith, too.....We will rid the world of the evil-doers.  We will call together 
freedom loving people to fight terrorism. And on on this day [sunday] of - on the Lord's Day, 
I say to my fellow Americans, thank you for your prayers, thank you for your compassion, thank 
you for your love for one another.....As I said yesterday, people have declared war on America, 
and they have made a terrible mistake, because this is a fabulous country.  Our economy will 
come back.  We'll still be the best farmers and ranchers in the world.  We're still the most innovative 
entrepreneurs in the world.  On this day of faith, I've never had more faith in America than I 
have right now.....
 Mr. President, the Attorney General is going to ask for enhanced law 
enforcement authority to surveil and - things to disrupt terrorism that might be planned 
here in the United States.  What will that mean for the rights of Americans?  
What will that mean -
THE PRESIDENT:  Terry, I ask you to talk to the Attorney General 
about that subject.  He'll be prepared to talk about it publicly at some point in time. 
But what he is doing is, he's reflecting what I said earlier in my statement, that we're facing 
a new kind of enemy, somebody so barbaric that they would fly airplanes into buildings 
full of innocent people. And, therefore, we have to be on alert in America.  We're a nation 
of law, a nation of civil rights.
  We're also a nation under attack.  And the Attorney 
General will address that in a way that I think the American people will understand...."
The White House-Office of the Press Secretary, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2001

NEWS related President's Bush Faith Initiatives

America's willingness to accept police state and loss of Constitution

The Bush 'Faith-Based' Initiative:
Why It's Wrong

AU Report And Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Dilulio To Resign As Head Of White House
Faith-Based Office

White House Report On Faith-Based 'Barriers'


Answer to questions from a Catholic...
Michael Scheifler's Bible Light Home Page....

It appears President Bush is really listening to the Pope:

UPON DEPARTURE Brize Norton RAF Military Airfield
Oxford, England

"....Secondly, I'm off to Genoa, where the G-7 and the G-8 will meet to discuss how to 
enhance the world's prosperity.  
It really begins with each of our own countries making 
sure our economic houses are in order....i
There are some who will try to disrupt the meetings, claiming they represent the poor.  
To those folks I say, instead of addressing policies that represent the poor, you embrace 
policies that lock poor people into poverty, and that's unacceptable to the United States.  

Trade has been the best avenue for economic growth for all countries and I reject the 
isolationism and protectionism that dominates those who will try to disrupt the meetings 
in Genoa.
And, finally, on the home front, I'm pleased that the United States Congress 
easily passed a faith-based initiative sponsored by J.C. Watts of Oklahoma and Tony Hall 
of Ohio.
  It's an initiative that puts our federal government squarely on the side of faith-based 
and community based programs,
all of which exist to help a neighbor in need.
The debate 
has been long and arduous.  And now the Congress is beginning to act.  It's a positive 
step toward making sure the American Dream extends its reach throughout all our communities.  
It's a step that recognizes that government can't cause people to love one another, but 
what government can do is stand side-by-side with loving individuals who are intent upon 
bringing compassion and hope to neighborhoods where there may not be any. I congratulate 
the House.  I urge the United States Senate to act on this measure quickly, so that the armies 
of compassion which exist all across America will be invigorated
and continue their march to 
make sure our country is hopeful and optimistic...." 

The White House-Office of the Press Secretary, July 20, 2001.

"Poverty, freedom, massive debt, moral challenge, what 
Pope John Paul called..."President's Bush remarks to the World Bank

"...World poverty is ancient, yet the hope of real progress against poverty is new.  
Vast regions and nations from Chile to Thailand are escaping the bonds of poverty 
and oppression by embracing markets and trade and new technologies.  What some 
call globalization is, in fact, the triumph of human liberty stretching across 
national borders.  
President's Bush Remarks to the World Bank/July 17, 2001-The White House Office
of the Press Secretary

President Bush will meet with Pope John Paul II on July, 2001

President Bush will travel to Genova, Italy to attend the G-7/8 Summit on July 20-22.  
While in Italy, the President will visit Rome to meet with President Ciampi and 
Prime Minister Berlusconi.  He will also have an audience at Castelgandolfo 
with His Holiness Pope John Paul II. 
 The President will begin his trip to 
Europe with a stop in the United Kingdom for discussions with Prime Minister Blair"
The White House/June 15, 2001.

Has American Individualism Gone Too Far? 

"Can Americans obliterate the need for a truth outside themselves or live as if they do?....
All Americans enjoy the freedom that modern individualism allows, but it is always 
possible to have too much of a good thing.
Like Clinton, many of us are individualism 
junkies: We just can´t say no. We know we should accept limits, but when it comes 
down to it, we refuse to impose them on ourselves. This seems to be the great American 
dilemma at the end of the 20th century....
Of greater long-term significance, however, 
is Bush's new White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives...it is an 
attempt to welcome faith back into the public realm and to renew American commitment 

to building authentic communities and resisting the enormous power of radical 
individualism over American life.
The great American experiment in individualism 
will come to its end in the course of this century....

Supremacy of the Individual
In the world at large, America has come to stand for the supremacy, or at the very 
least the self-sufficiency, of the individual. This was the case from the beginning, 
despite the pilgrim fathers´ religiosity and the recognition of the Creator in the 
opening words of the Declaration of Independence.
The United States was made 
by the Reformation. From the 17th century, America came to be regarded as a 
Protestant Israel, the promised land for the elect and the righteous remnants of the 
rapidly multiplying reformed denominations.
Whatever the differences between 
these groups, one conviction was common to all: Every individual was his own 
priest. Revelation, salvation, and truth were for the individual to find for himself 
directly, not through the Church.
The Enlightenment of the 18th century reinforced 
this conviction in a secular form.
Any counterinfluence the Catholic Church might 
have exerted in America during this time would have been weakened by its 
poverty, its numerical inferiority, and the hostility of the Protestant majority that 
kept Catholics on the margins of public life,
which had a profound influence 
on American culture well into the 20th century..."
Catholic Net-Hot Topics by
M.A. Casey

Ashcroft's Faith Plays Visible Role at Justice

The Bible study begins each day at 8 a.m. sharp, with Attorney 
General John D. Ashcroft presiding.
A group of employees gathers at the 
Main Justice building in Washington, either in his personal office or a conference 
room, to study Scripture and join Ashcroft in prayer.
Ashcroft held similar 
meetings each morning as a U.S. senator and sees the devotionals as a 
personal matter that has no bearing on his job as attorney 
general, according to aides....But within the massive Justice Department, 
with about 135,000 employees worldwide, some who do not share 
Ashcroft's Pentecostal Christian beliefs are discomfited by the daily 
prayer sessions -- particularly because they are conducted by the 
nation's chief law enforcement officer, entrusted with enforcing a 
Constitution that calls for the separation of church and state..." 
Washington Post.com/May 14, 2001.

John Dilulio's Faith Initiatives

``....To work around these organizations as if they are somehow `radioactive' 
because we presume they are proselytizing, because we presume they can 
do nothing other than sectarian worship, is just the height of civic irrationality,''
 DiIulio said in a recent interview..." The Miami Herald/April 22, 2001.

Letter from the Holy Father to....and the Open Americas Door to 
Christ Documents

Resolute pastoral action is needed in dealing with sects
3. One of these is to preserve, defend and increase the integrity of the faith. 
Consequently, with my confirmation and ratification, the Congregation for the 
Doctrine of the Faith last year published the Declaration Dominus Iesus on 
the unicity and salvific universality of Jesus Christ and the Church.
In this 
Declaration, I invited all Christians "to renew their fidelity to him in the joy 
of faith and to bear unanimous witness that the Son, both today and tomorrow, 
is "the way, and the truth, and the life' (Jn 14: 6)" (Angelus, 1 October 2000). 
In this regard, we need to pay special attention to the problem of the sects
which are "a grave hindrance to the work of evangelization"
(Ecclesia in 
n. 73). They have been much studied and discussed, since they 
are a phenomenon that cannot be regarded with indifference. Resolute 
pastoral action is essential for dealing with this serious problem,
by reviewing 
the pastoral methods used, strengthening the structures of communion 
and mission, and making the most of "the evangelizing possibilities of a 
purified popular religiosity" (Ecclesia in America, n. 73). In this regard, 
you know how important is the presence of evangelizers, since wherever 
priests, religious or lay people are dedicated to the apostolate, sects do 
not thrive. Although faith is God's gift, it cannot be instilled or maintained 
without the help of evangelizers. In the process of strengthening the faith, 
the Eucharist is the privileged place for meeting the living Jesus Christ. 
Sunday Mass must be a constant commitment and practice of all the 
Continually dedicate yourselves and, at the same time, pastorally 
commit your priests to the task of promoting this very important aspect 
of ecclesial life,
which I already recommended in my Apostolic Letter 
Dies Domini
(cf. Chapter II). Therefore it is necessary, as I recently 
recalled, "to stress particularly the Sunday Eucharist and Sunday itself 
experienced as a special day of faith, the day of the risen Lord and of 
the gift of the Spirit, the true weekly Easter" (Apostolic Letter Novo 
millennio ineunte,
n. 35)...." L'Osservatore Romano-April 4, 2001.

Bush to Delay Faith-Based Initiative

WASHINGTON – "The Bush administration will delay action on parts of its 
plan to channel more government money to religious charities, until it can 
quiet some of the surprisingly vehement opposition to the program, the 
Washington Post reported Monday....The White House expected church-state 
separation groups to object to the program. But it didn't expect a chorus of 
doubts from religious conservatives such as Pat Robertson
and even Marvin 
Olasky, one of the program's early architects. They worry that churches 
would be corrupted by government regulations or that objectionable sects 
would be rewarded

Bush promotes money for religious charities

Bush, Religious Broadcasters Meet
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush (news - web sites) paused Tuesday 
amid tense diplomacy with China to pray with religious broadcasters and 
promote his plan to give federal money to religious charities...."

Faith-base environmental groups hopes Bush sees the light

WASHINGTON - President Bush is being lobbied by religious leaders and 
faith-based environmental groups to change his position on global warming 

and mandatory reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Bush, a born-again 
Christian, was told in letters delivered Tuesday and last week that climate 
change is not merely a matter of science and economics, but a moral imperative.

Fingerprints of your hand may soon be used to buy groceries

"The day will come when you put your finger on a scanning device 
to prove who you are before you engage in transactions at 
retail stores, ATMs, banks and even when you buy groceries.
One company making such a device is engaged in a pilot project 
with the nation's largest grocery chain..." NewsMax.Com-March 31, 2001

  REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENTBush and bishops.jpg (20119 bytes)
"....The best way to honor Pope John Paul II, truly one of the great men, 
is to take his teaching seriously; is to listen to his words and put his words 
and teachings into action here in America.
This is a challenge we must 
But you know something about our country? With the right focus 
and the right leadership, it's a challenge this nation will accept, ..."
President Bush, March 22, 2001

John Paul II Cultural Center Web Page

Some on Religious Right Miffed as Bush Courts Catholics

WASHINGTON -- President Bush is reaching out to Roman Catholics
courting one of the most important groups of swing voters whose support 
has gone increasingly to Republican presidential candidates in the 
last three elections...."

Bush blocks Clinton's order and....declared a National
Day of Prayer on Sunday

Bush also issued a proclamation declaring today a National Day of 
Prayer and Thanksgiving, urging Americans to spend their Sunday 
in prayer and reflection, recalling "all that unites us."
Washington Post/January 21, 2001/pg A 18.

National Day of Prayer Proclamation...The White House

Amnesty wants US to ban the sale of tools of torture

INHUMANE TRADE: The human rights group asked the US to ban the export 
of torture equipment, and cited Taiwan as one of the major recipients 
of such goods AP  

Dozens of US companies sell weapons and other equipment used overseas 
for torture,
Amnesty International said yesterday, calling for a ban on the sales.
The items include high-tech electroshock weapons, leg irons and serrated 
thumb cuffs designed to tear flesh if a detainee tries to escape,
said a report 
by the US chapter of the London-based human rights group.
"No US company 
should profit from torture,"
said William Schulz, head of the chapter..."
Taipei Times Online-Feb. 27, 2001.

Pat Robertson skeptical about Bush Religious Plan

"Christian conservative Pat Robertson of Virginia Beach, one of President 
Bush's backers during the presidential campaign, said he has significant 
concerns with Bush's plan to let religious groups compete for federal grants.
Robertson said Tuesday that he worries about government funding religious 
groups that are outside the mainstream, such as the Church of Scientology, 
Hare Krishnas or the Unification Church..

Bush first acts: Blocks Clinton Orders, declares 
Sunday a National Day of Prayer....

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Moving quickly upon taking office, President George W. Bush 
on Saturday issued an order that essentially blocked some of the last-minute executive 
orders and rules laid down by outgoing President Clinton.....The memo, released less 
than two hours after Bush took the oath of office as America's 43rd president, followed 
Bush's campaign pledge to ``restore honor and dignity''....Reflecting his deep religious 
convictions, Bush also signed a proclamation declaring Sunday a ``national 
day of prayer and thanksgiving''
to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power 
between him and Clinton...."

President's Bush Inaugural Speech

"Church and charity, synagogue and mosque lend our communities their humanity,
and they will have an honored place in our plans and in our laws."
White House Press Office

President Bush declares a National Day of Prayer (Sunday)

"Bush also issued a proclamation declaring today a National Day of Prayer and 
Thanksgiving, urging Americans to spend their Sunday in prayer and reflection, 
recalling "all that unites us." 
Washington Post, 21 Jan 2001.

Bush presents faith as driving force behind his presidency

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush told attendees of the annual National Prayer
 Breakfast this morning that his faith influences nearly every aspect of his life, and that
 he believes demonstration of his deeply held religious beliefs will bring a 
new era of civility to the nation's capital
...." CNN.COM

Bush's Full partnership with the Catholic Church?

Professor John J. Dilulio, Jr., a Catholic political scientist from the University of 
Pennsylvania, who was just appointed as the head of the new Office of Faith 
Based Initiatives.
...This meeting is the beginning of that partnership"

Bush Meets Catholic Leaders To Push Faith-Based Solutions

"WASHINGTON, DC, Jan. 26, 01 (CWNews.com) - President George W. Bush had dinner 
with a group of bishops in Washington on Thursday to discuss his plans to work with the 
religious community to implement faith-based solutions to some of America's 
social problems...."

Adventist Leader urges caution about government faith based charities

"This is a matter that must be watched very closely," says Hodges. "President Bush 
has made it very clear that these federal grants will not fund religious enterprises, 
but only those social services that are clearly humanitarian in nature. While we would 
prefer to keep the separation between church and state as clear as possible, this is 
an item we can live with if the proper safeguards are maintained."

Hodges says the Adventist Church in North America has long advocated the principle 
of separation of church and state as the best way to ensure a healthy independence 
for religious groups and to prevent the possibility of religion-based discrimination 
in the distribution of state funds" 

The FBI e-mail surveillance system

EU plans to issue 'identity number' for every citizen

"Ambitious plans to help European Union citizens move more freely between 
countries during the course of their working lives may include giving every 
person an individual "EU social security number"...."

NEWS: May 25, 2002

Iran is joining the terror war

"Iranian border guards recently arrested 33 Pakistanis who may have been al-Qaida fighters, raising 
the possibility of a major shift for Iran, which so far has been uncooperative in assisting Washington's 
war on terrorism, says Stratfor, the global intelligence company..."

Proposals set National Rules for State I.D

"Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) outlined legislation yesterday that would set national standards 
for state-issued driver's licenses, permitting rapid data-sharing among certain government agencies.....
"The proposal would be ineffective, expensive and
would present a serious threat to core 
American liberties,
" said Katie Corrigan, spokeswoman for the American Civil Liberties Union.....
Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.) is also drafting legislation in the House that would require states 
to have stricter card-issuing standards and to include
"biometric" technology on ID cards, such 
as fingerprint or retinal-scan data"
WashingtonPost.com  4-17-02

Implantable Chip OK now...

WASHINGTON - A company plans to begin selling a computer ID chip that can be embedded 
beneath people's skin,
now that the Food and Drug Administration (news - web sites) has said 
it will not regulate the implant as long as it contains no medical data...For now, the VeriChip will 
bear only an identification number,
said David Hughes of Technology Sourcing International, 
a consulting firm helping Applied Digital in its discussions with the FDA." Yahoo News - April 4, 2002.

Middle East News-Bush accusses Iran, Irak and Syria....

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration accused Iran, Iraq and Syria of fomenting terror 
while it urged Yasser Arafat today to ban suicide attacks and Israel to ``carefully consider the 
consequences'' of its military thrust into Ramallah...." middleeastnews.com-4-5-02.

Iran is unpersuaded by Washington's efforts...

"Iran has dismissed appeals by the Bush administration to end training of the Lebanese-based 
Hezbollah movement, one of 33 groups on the State Department list of terrorist organizations.....
"The Bush administration has reassured Iran that the United States does not plan to target the 
Islamic republic and seeks a dialogue. The U.S. message came after Iran announced it had 
placed its military on alert against a military attack by Washington.
"There's the political, 
the diplomatic, the economic, as well as the security side of relationships," Rumsfeld said. 
"And there have been a number of international efforts to deal with Iran, and Iran obviously 
has been unpersuaded by them....." WorlNetDaily - April 4, 2002.

Key US partner warms to Irak

".....Since taking office and especially since Sept. 11, the Bush administration has threatened 
repeatedly to take down the Iraqi regime. In recent months, it has begun to look like Washington 
was doing more than ranting. There has been a quiet yet consistent buildup of U.S. troops 
in the Gulf region that is not directly a consequence of the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan. 
Logic followed that the buildup was meant as the first step of a military campaign against Iraq...."
WorlNetDaily - April 4, 2002.

Israel will continue despite George Bush...

"Advisers to Ariel Sharon say that the anti-terror campaign in the territories will continue despite 
President George W. Bush's call for Israel to halt the operation immediately and begin withdrawing 
from the six cities it occupies...." The Israelinsider 4-5-02

Jerusalem: The burdensome stone

"The most explosive, fought-over, disputed piece 
of real estate in the world is about to get even hotter.
Israel's top rabbis tabled discussion recently of a proposal to 
build a synagogue on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem..."

Is God Lifting His Hand?

In the wake of last week's attacks, many are asking whether the protection our nation has enjoyed 
is waning. Even religious leaders aren't agreed. Shortly after the horrific collapse of the World 
Trade Towers, Dr. Pat Robertson said on his show, "The 700 Club," that it happened because 
"God is lifting His protection from us." The Rev. Jerry Falwell, appearing on the show on Sept. 13, 
echoed Robertson's comments, claiming that groups who have tried to secularize America
"helped this happen.
Both men have since issued statements saying they hold no one other 
than the terrorists and those enabling them responsible for the attacks. But the question remains: 
Has God removed his protection from America?
Life Life News, Sept. 21, 2001. Family News in Focus


Marriott Wardman Park Hotel Washington, D.C. July 30, 2001

"....It's legislation that says to the United States Congress, let us fund the faith-based organizations 
all across America.  
Let's give them a chance to compete for federal dollars.  Let's not lock them 
out just because they have the word," faith" in front of their program.  After all, faith-based initiatives 
and programs can change people's hearts.
  And when they change people's hearts, they change 
people's lives.
  And a changed life is much more likely to be a person -- 
peaceful, respectful person...."


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Hombres homosexuales podrian "concebir"

Homosexual men
'could conceive'

"Técnicas de la Génetica que se usaron primero en la oveja Dolly podrían ayudar a las parejas de hombre a concebir sus propios hijos en el futuro dijo un investigador" "Genetic techniques first used on Dolly the sheep could help male couples conceive their own children in the future, a leading researcher has said." "Teóricamente es posible-Si se pudiera controlar la implantación-el tener un hijo que nace como resultado de tener dos papás", dijo él. "It's theoretically possible - if they were able to control the implanting - to have a child that's born as a result of having two fathers," he said.
Mother church scolds the family
Sept. 6, 2000

La Iglesia Madre regaña la Familia

"La Iglesia Madre regaña la familia" El documento católico dice que las otras iglesias no son hermanas, sino "hijas" y ella la "Madre" "Mother church scolds the family" The catholic document mentions the other churches not as  sisters, but as daugthers and she (the Catholic Church) is tthe Mother "Al declarar que los miembros de otras creencias son cristianos de menos categoría, el Vaticano se remonta al pasado" "Declaring members of other faiths lesser Christians, Vatican steps into the past"
Local Bishop criticizes Vatican
Sept. 6, 2000

Obispos locales critican al Vaticano
Los Angeles, CA

"El Vaticano...instruyó a los católicos a mantener el dogma de que la Iglesia [catolica] es el único camino para la salvación espiritual" "The Vatican...instructed Catholics to uphold the dogma that their church is the sole path to spiritual salvation"
"Como la mayoría de las denominaciones cristianas, no han preservado enlaces con el catolicismo al aceptar la primacía del papa, "sufren de defectos" y no son "iglesias" en el sentido propio" "As for most Christian denominations, they have not preserved their links to Catholicism by not accepting the primacy of the pope and, as a consequence, they “suffer from defects” and are not “churches in the proper sense.”
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Sept. 6, 2000
"Ningún cristiano ortodoxo del este, ningún protestante del occidente o anglicano entró en conversaciones con Roma sin saber de sus pretenciones" "No deluded Orthodox Christian of the East, no Protestant of the West, no Anglican, ever entered ecumenical conversation unaware of Rome’s claims." "El vaticano ofendió y tuvo la intención de ofender mucha gente esta semana. El Cardenal José Ratzinger, de la Congregación para la Doctrina de la Fe, y apoyándole el papa Juan Pablo II, hicieron una declaración que puso a los cristianos no-católicos y los que pertenecen a otras religiones en su lugar" "The Vatican offended — it intended to offend — many people this week. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and behind them Pope John Paul II, issued a declaration that put non-Catholic Christians and adherents of all other religions in their place"
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Clinton, the pope, Ted Turner, & the Globalist secret meeting


"Qué tiene Steven Spielberg, el papa Juan Pablo II, Ted Turner, Boris Yeltsin, Bill Clinton y el "speaker" de la Cámara Dennis Hastert en común? "What do Steven Spielberg, Pope John Paul II, Ted Turner, Boris Yeltsin, Bill Clinton and House Speaker Dennis Hastert have in common? "La reunión secreta in Sintra, Portugal...enfatiza la agenda globalista y promueve la idea de que la noción de la soberanía nacional es inadecuada y regresiva" "The secret meeting in Sintra, Portugal...emphasize a globalist agenda and promote the idea that the notion of national sovereignty is antiquated and regressive."
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Declaración Vaticana "nada nuevo" según declaración Adventista

Vatican declaration "not new" says Adventist Church

"Aquí no hay nada nuevo", dice Beach del documento que ha incitado un alboroto por parte de muchas denominaciones cristianas no-católicas alrededor del mundo. "La Iglesia católica romana nunca ha afirmado la validez de las iglesias protestantes. A pesar de estar involucrada en el diálogo interconfesional durante años, siempre ha exigido la primacía por ser la única ' verdadera iglesia.' "

"There is nothing new here," says Beach of the document that has prompted an outcry from many non-Catholic Christian denominations around the world. "The Roman Catholic Church has never affirmed the validity of Protestant churches. Despite its involvement in interfaith dialogues over the years, it has always claimed primacy as being the only 'true church.'"

Según el documento, " existe una sola iglesia de Cristo que subsiste en la Iglesia católica gobernada por el sucesor de Pedro y por los obispos en comunión con él." Así, las iglesias no-católicas están en una situación "de deficiencia grave comparada con quienes en la Iglesia [Católica], tienen la plenitud de los medios de salvación."

According to the document, "there exists a single church of Christ, which subsists in the Catholic Church, governed by the successor of Peter and by the bishops in communion with him." Thus, non-Catholic churches are in a "gravely deficient situation in comparison with those who, in the [Catholic] Church, have the fullness of the means of salvation."
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Not so Saintly? Pius IX Pio IX ¿No tan santo?

Time Magazine - 8/29/00

The  catholic church wants to beatify the pope that promulgated the Doctrines of papal infallibility and the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary  La iglesia católica quiere beatificar al papa que promulgó la infabilidad papal y la doctrina de la inmaculada concepción de la virgen María

The Charter for Global Democracy

Read on the 12 main objectives for global order Lea sobre los 12 principales objetivos para el orden mundial
Sunday-Sabbath Campaign Campaña dominical en EE UU


Campaign to make sunday the sabbath day in USA Campaña para hacer del domingo el dia del Señor en EE UU
World Government by September? ¿Un Gobierno Mundial para septiembre?

World Net Daily News-8-8-00

Rep. Ron Paul has introduced legislation to withdraw the U.S. from the U.N. So far only 56 members have sponsored the bill. El rep. Ron Paul ha introducido legislación para que Estados Unidos se retire de las Naciones Unidas. 56 miembros han apoyado la propuesta.
The Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders

La Cumbre del Milenio para la Paz Mundial de Dirigentes Religiosos y Espirituales

Aug. 28-31, 2000

World peace summit program PDF download Grabe en su computadora ("download") todo el programa para la paz mundial en PDF

One Thousand Religious Leaders to Gather at the United Nations in a Historic Summit for World Peace

Mil líderes religiosos se congregan por primera vez en la historia en las Naciones Unidas

Julio 25, 2000

Bahai, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Indigenous, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism and Zoroastrianism Bahai, Budismo, Cristianismo, Confucianismo Hinduismo, Indigenous, Islam, Jainismo Judaismo, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoismo and Zoroastrianismo

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